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Your Eco-Conscience Oil & Gas Service Company

WC Welding is focused on being a safe & environmentally conscience oil and gas service company. With over 10 years of experience in the industry we strictly follow environmental laws and compliance.

Our services consist of upstream & midstream pipeline services, welding services, site facility & maintenance, production services and oil & gas equipment rentals.

Providing welding, fabrication and equipment for oil & gas companies in the Northeast & Texas.

NE Oilfield Rentals

Northeast equipment rentals for upstream & midstream oilfield operations.

NE Oilfield Services

Providing oilfield maintenance, drilling & roustabout services in the Northeast.

Texas Oilfield Rentals

Equipment rentals for upstream & midstream oilfield operations in Texas.

Texas Oilfield Services

Providing oilfield maintenance, drilling & roustabout services in Texas.

Our Environmental Standards

Environmental safety has always been of utmost importance to WC Welding, but as momentum builds to promote clean energy and sustainability, so have our results. We hold an intense environment, social and governance, or ESG standard to yield optimal performance.

ESG is particularly relevant to the oil and gas industry because of the increased demand to protect the environment. WC Welding is not a company with noble intentions but no actions; instead, we have quantifiable measures behind our standards.

At WC Welding, ESG gives us the standards we need to run a company with strategic approaches to each concern and an ethical approach to employee management. ESG is not an obstacle for us but instead an opportunity to build value and increase the efficiency of our operation.

Who We Are

At WC Welding, we are a Safety and Environmental Conscientious Oil and Gas Service Company. Our service areas include the Northeast (Ohio, Pennsylvania & West Virginia), Marcellus/Utica Shale areas, and the Texas Permian Basin.  WC Oilfield Services has been in operation for over 10 years, offering exceptional upstream & midstream services and equipment rentals for oil field companies.

WC Welding believes in environmental compliance. We strictly follow the environmental laws, regulations, standards, and other requirements at oilfield sites.

WC Welding operates with ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) standards.